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Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Information

Our mission at Zoom is to make you comfortable before and during your appointment with us! 

We can also save you time and money compared to your other options. Breeze through patient check-in by downloading and completing your forms before arrival (click on the menu item above). 

We accept nearly all forms of insurance and when finalizing your appointment, we will notify you of any payment due at the time of service.  Our office is happy to obtain "prior authorizations" when necessary, and we can access your insurance coverage for you. We are here to help you understand the complexities of deductibles, coinsurance, etc!  Insurance is NOT required: we provide low-cost imaging on a cash basis.

Please bring your photo ID and insurance card to your appointment, and we will file your health insurance claim on your behalf as needed. At the time of your visit, you will be asked to pay the residual balance based on your deductible status, as well as any required copay amounts. For those requiring payment assistance, we are pleased to partner with CareCredit, a company that can often extend payment terms within minutes.

For More Information on Care Credit, Click the Button Below


How should I prepare for my scan?

Not much is required!  If you will undergo a CT or MRI scan and have been told there will be "contrast" (oral or IV), please do not eat or drink for 4 hours prior.  Please let us know if you have experienced an allergic reaction to X-ray dye or iodine - This is very important.  If you have diabetes, please let our staff know which medications you are taking. Please ask your doctor if there are special instructions for you.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We welcome walk-up X-ray scans, but for MRI, CT and Ultrasound please call us to schedule. In many cases, a "pre authorization" is required for your insurance to cover your claim. Zoom is happy to obtain this on your behalf - this may take us only a few minutes, but sometimes takes as long as 2 or 3 days.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, athletic-style clothing without metal fasteners, zippers, belt buckles or other metal objects. These could affect image quality, so if your clothing contains metal, you may be asked to wear a medical gown for the scan.

What happens after my scan?

You may resume normal activities. Your results will soon be delivered by a board certified radiologist and sent directly to your physician by fax or email.  Your doctor will follow up with you. 


What can I expect during my scan?

Your scan will be a painless procedure; to ensure quality images for the radiologist who will report to your doctor, we will ask for you to lie completely still during the entire scan.  For CT, this is easy -- most scans take 5 to 10 minutes, although some may take a bit longer. For MRI, this can be more challenging, as the process takes 20-45 minutes before the images are finalized.  The scan will be conducted as you lie on a padded table, which may move slightly every few moments to reposition you. If you will be receiving IV contrast, it will be given during the process. The contrast may cause you to momentarily experience a metallic taste in your mouth, or feel flushed. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, let the technologist know.

During your MRI, it is normal to hear loud thumping or knocking sounds while the machine is working. We will offer headphones and your choice of music during the scan, which helps reduce discomfort from the noise. You will be able to speak with the technologist during the process by intercom. If you have a pacemaker, aneurysm clip in the brain, certain ear implants or stents, implanted neuro-stimulators, or metallic fragments in one or both eyes or other surgically implanted devices, please contact us prior to your appointment and let us know.

MRI - Abdomen or MRA-Neck: Follow directions above and patient must be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) for 6 hours prior to exam.
MRI - Breast: Follow directions above. Water and light meal is allowed. Please bring prior images and arrive 30 min prior to appt.

Have Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance today! One of the members of our friendly hometown staff will be happy to assist you!

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